Srishti Chaudhary

Indu has inherited a flat from her grandmother and wants to turn it into a library for women. Her parents think this will keep her suitably occupied till she marries her fiancé, Rajat, who’s away studying in London.

But then she meets Rana, a young lawyer with sparkling wit and a heart of gold. He helps set up the library and their days light up with playful banter and the many Rajesh Khanna movies they watch together.
When the Emergency is declared, Indu’s life turns upside down and she must decide not only who but what kind of life she will choose.

Tara Taneja lives in the small town of Siyaka, running Ultimate Mathematics Tuition Centre and working for Lalaji, her grandfather, at Lallan Sweets. The laddoos sold at the shop are made using a secret family recipe that contains a magic ingredient known only to Lalaji.

When Lalaji chooses to retire, he decides that Lallan Sweets will not be inherited but earned. He devises a quest for his three grandchildren-Tara, Rohit and Mohit-to discover the magic ingredient. Whoever finds it first will get to run the shop.
It helps that Tara’s long-time crush and neighbour, fun-loving and good-natured Nikku Sabharwal joins Tara in her pursuit to outsmart her cousins. As the quest takes them from Mathura to Ludhiana, they must battle old secrets, family legacies and unexpected dangers. Will this journey bring them together or lead to a bittersweet end?

Hello, I’m Srishti, and I spend my time between researching Indian literature and teaching creative writing at the University of Tübingen in Germany (a fairytale town if you’ve ever seen one), and Delhi, my home city. I’ve written two fiction novels, and just finished work on the third one. i think myself incredibly lucky for having the chance to do what excites me the most. My words have been around the internet since I knew how to use a computer: embarrassing blog posts, cringey Facebook captions, online diaries…most of which I hope you will never come across. However, you will find the best of it on this website, the ones I don’t think will age as badly as the blog posts on the nature of life, from the wise, seeing eyes of a 12 year old.